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The company Daxen was founded more than 20 years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Baudy. Mr. Baudy has been a specialist in the field of autoclaves for over 40 years, while Mrs. Baudy is responsible for management and marketing. Both form the backbone of this company, which is known worldwide for its industrial autoclave designs, which are prized by the largest groups. 

Daxen specialises in the manufacture of autoclaves for the polymerisation of composite materials for the aeronautics, aerospace and defense industries. 
As a specialist in industrial autoclaves, over the years we have been able to meet all the needs in terms of industrial autoclaves. 
The Daxen team has engineers and technicians capable of meeting all our customers' requirements. Whether for Airbus, Safran, Thales or Michelin (to name but a few), all our autoclaves are made to measure and are fully customised. The adaptation of our solutions to our customers' needs is one of Daxen's strengths. 
Daxen has developed unique door systems to design autoclaves that are perfectly adapted to industrial markets.

Daxen's strength is that it has developed control systems that meet the most demanding specifications. We are able to adapt our solutions to all your specific requirements.
Manufacture, installation, maintenance, metrological control, assistance, etc. Daxen is your essential partner for all your industrial autoclave equipment.


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To ensure the continuity of its activities, the owners and managers of DAXEN have organised an industrial group to ensure and control the construction and monitoring of autoclaves. 



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